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Warner Brothers Pictures
Paramount Pictures
Industrial Light and Magic
Lucas Film

Ant-man and the wasp

San Andreas - Warner Brothers

Nautilus Productions Warner Brothers -Godzilla

Some of Our Clients:


  • Disney, Marvel, "Ant-Man and the Wasp" (Marine Coordinator)
  • Sony, L. O. Z. , "Venom" (Marine Coordinator)
  • Paramount, Brighton Falls , "Bumble Bee" (Marine Coordinator)
  • Warner Brothers, Newline Cinema, "San Andreas" (Marine Coordinator, S. F. )
  • "Terminator Genysis" (Marine Coordinator S. F. )
  • Nautilus Productions Warner Brothers "Godzilla" (Marine coordinator, S. F. )
  • Indy film "The Rift" (Associate producer / Marine coordinator)
  • Lucas Film "Star Wars Episode III" (Marine coordination for Industrial Light and magic marine FX)
  • Paramount Pictures "Twisted" (Provided boats crews marine logistical support)
  • Feature film "Hidalgo" (Marine coordination for Industrial Light and Magic marine FX)
  • Feature Film "Triple X State of the Union" (worked in the marine 1st unit)
  • Warren miller productions (Marine coordinator and Marine support for filming on the S.F. Bay and pacific Ocean)

    • Paramount, Netflix, 13 Reasons Why (Marine coordinator)
    • CBS, Amazing Race (Marine coordinator)
    • Travel Channel, Mysteries at the Museum New Evidence (Marine coordinator)
    • Logan Media, Apple (Marine coordinator)
    • Chase Jarvis (Marine coordinator Polyform shoot)
    • Radical Productions Lexus "Flashbulbs" (Marine coordinator)
    • Reactor Films (Marine coordinator for Accenture commercial filmed on Bodega bay, North of San Francisco)
    • Lorimar Productions (Marine coordinator for "Ripleys believe it or not" on San Francisco Bay)
    • Harvest Productions (Marine coordinator, Toyota commercial in heavy surf, North Coast of California)
    • Crossroads Productions (Marine coordinator, Nissan commercial)
    • HSI Productions (Marine coordinator, Nike commercial in uncharted estero North coast)
    • radical Productions (Marine coordinator, 4 Visa commercials on the S.F. Bay)
    • Ralph lauren (Marine Coordinator, catalog shoot aboard large yacht)
    • IMG (International Management group- Marine coordinator, Camera crews & Talent for Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. 5 Years)
    • TWI (Trans World international - Marine coordinator for various sporting events on the S.F. Bay)
    • History channel (Numerous projects on the S.F. Bay as Marine coordinator)
    • Discovery channel (Numerous projects on the S.F. Bay as Marine coordinator)
    • Oracle (Shooting high speed sailing race boats)
    • FOX Sports & Local news
    • CBS Sports
    • NBC Sports
    • ABC Sports
    • MSNBC
    • CNN
    • NBC
    • BBC

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